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  • Engage.

    Sproxil builds trust across supply chains with mobile technology solutions that emphasize direct engagement from the factory through to the consumer.

    Our technology solutions allow brand owners to engage with trade partners, influencers and consumers to earn and grow brand loyalty while protecting the brand from supply chain fraud, including counterfeiting and theft.

    mobile technology solutions

    Sproxil Brand Protection & Mobile Sales Enablement Solution

    Sproxil has been deployed on billions of product units globally and has the largest traction in the industry. Consumers and channel partners trust Sproxil to connect them directly with brands and provide them with timely product information at the point of sale.

    Sproxil Ally?

    Trade loyalty solution for distributors and retail points to earn and redeem gratifying rewards for promoting your brands.

    • Map your complete supply chain
    • Discover new retail points
    • Communicate directly with your trade partners

    Sproxil Champion?

    Mobile driven & sales enablement solution for on-pack consumer promotions, with built-in fraud protection.

    • Gain deep insights on consumer purchasing habits
    • Optimize marketing spend?
    • Deliver highly-targeted instant rewards directly to consumers?

    Sproxil Defender?

    Point-of-sale product verification solution that protects consumers from counterfeit products and pinpoints location of fakes.

    • Protect your consumers
    • Get precise location of fakes & stolen products
    • Safeguard your brand from reputation damage

    Sproxil Informer?

    Robust track and trace plus reverse logistics solution to secure, monitor and make rapid decisions across global supply chains.

    • Upgrade your supply chain security
    • Know where goods are stuck and rapidly investigate
    • Conduct surprise supply chain audits anywhere

    What Our Clients Say About Us

    The response from consumers was enthusiastic. Thousands of calls were made to the help desk, some of which helped us identify counterfeit Ampiclox blisters.
    With Ally, we have been able to reach more contractors, provide new leads and better Saint-Gobain’s contact with contractors.
    During this campaign, Diageo was able to identify through the Sproxil platform 15,000 influencers in the specific geographic area. As a result of the promotion, Diageo saw growth in its market share in one of the target states by 2.5%.
    Sproxil’s service was instrumental in helping us identify stolen products in record time, which certainly boosted our investigative efforts. We give Sproxil much credit for helping us have better oversight on our supply chain.

    When Juanco learned that their products were being counterfeited, Sproxil's mobile phone-based solution helped us quickly protect over 4,000 farmers.
    We met our goal to increase cocktail orders by 300% and connect directly with thousands of bartenders.
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